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Luxury Car Care | Coast to Coast Auto Sales | Indianapolis, IN

You’ve spent hard-earned cash on the luxury car or SUV that you’ve always dreamed of owning. Now what? In addition to enjoying your time behind the wheel, it’s also important to follow these luxury car care tips. From basic maintenance to more complex service, there are a range of things you can do to ensure that your luxury model lasts for a long time.

1. Wash and Wax

Want to keep the exterior free of rust? Want that premium paint coat to shine? Wash and wax your car regularly. Remember to wait for warm days that aren’t too sunny, and be sure to apply hard wax liberally to protect the clear coat. You can also get chrome polish to really make the metal trim shine.

2. Condition Leather

Leather needs to be conditioned, especially if you don’t have seat covers or a sun shade. You can find plenty of leather-cleaning kits, like Lexol 907, which has the oils and applicators you need for proper maintenance. Just be wary of lotion on perforated seats, as it can get trapped behind the holes. And be careful with lotion on the steering wheel don’t it too slippery.

3. Restore Headlights

Have a luxury model that’s a few years old? Consider a headlight restorer. 3M has an easy DIY-style kit that will remove any cloudy or yellow build up from the headlights. Just apply the rubbing compound, follow the directions, and your headlights will look like new.

4. Check the tires

There are two things to check on the tires: pressure and wear. You can check tire tread by flipping a penny upside down and placing it in the middle of the tread. If you see above Abe’s head, it’s a good idea to replace your tires. You should also be wary of cracking, bulges, or bald spots — these are other signs your tires may be due for replacement. In terms of pressure, be sure to get a tire pressure gauge and to fill the tires when the seasons change. The warmer or cooler temperatures affect the pressure in the tires, often leading to over- or under-inflation.
Need help with repair and maintenance? Bring your luxury car to our service center at Coast to Coast Auto Sales.

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