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Hello my name is Yousef Barham with Coast to Coast Acquisitions.
Our extraordinary inventory is made up of cars we buy for cash, the best cars available in the U.S.

Don’t Trade Your Car, Sell It!!

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Don’t Trade Your Car, Sell It!!

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Get Online Pre-Approval for Financing

If you are looking for financing? Then our team can help, and you can get started right online.

Fill out the form that we have to tell us about your current financial situation, and then we will get back to you with your pre-approval details. This form is quick, easy, and secure.

Car Service in the Indianapolis Area

We are not just an auto group. We also have full service departments right here in Indianapolis. Our team can work on any vehicle that you may have. We work on luxury and exotic models all the time, and our service departments are fully equipped to handle any issues that may come up. Basic maintenance is something that we do every day, but we also handle major service issues of all varieties. No matter what your vehicle needs, our team can get your vehicle back in perfect working order again.

We have a service center at both of our facilities. If you need service in Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, or any of the surrounding areas, then we can get you on the right path. What’s more, both of our service facilities are outfitted with luxurious waiting areas that come equipped with comfortable chairs, free Wi-Fi, TVs, and many refreshments that you can take advantage of. We don’t just want to take care of your vehicle, we also want to take care of you. Get the laid back car servicing experience that you deserve.

Complimentary Delivery to your Door

Being part of the Coast to Coast imports Family should be just as luxurious an experience as driving one. In addition to the luxury found in our automobiles, Coast to Coast Imports offers clients the luxury of convenience with our complimentary delivery of your vehicle finance/purchase of the first 500 miles of our dealership. Why go to such extraordinary lengths for our customers? They don’t settle for anything less than total satisfaction and neither do we at Coast to Coast Imports.

Pre-owned Dealerships in Fishers and Carmel, IN

Coast To Coast Imports is not your typical dealership. Though we have two locations in the Indianapolis area, we are not a part of a faceless chain. We are a privately-owned business that was founded by two ambitious brothers, Omar and Yousef, in 1999. Our aim is to provide a huge selection of quality vehicles that range from luxury models to exotic models. Our accredited business works with integrity during every interaction, and we even work with multiple charities both local and national to give back to our communities.

Our dealerships are located in the Indianapolis area, but you don’t have to be. We will deliver directly to your home even if you live up to 500 miles away. Whether you live in Cincinnati or even Atlanta, you can still shop with us. By the way, that delivery is entirely complimentary. No extra charges or fees, just a simplified buying process. Browse through our inventory online to find the right model, and if you can’t stop out to one of our dealerships in Fishers or Carmel, then reach out to us, and we can get to work over the phone or via email. If we have the right car for you, we can make sure that you get it.

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